Hambden Concrete Company

For the best concrete services in Hambden, OH, give the friendly staff at WDC Concrete a call. They have professionally installed and repaired residential and commercial concrete for over 35 years.

As a locally owned and operated, family-run concrete company, we are committed to providing the best customer service alongside the best craftsmanship. WDC Concrete is licensed, bonded, and insured. Our staff members are family members with knowledge and experience you can trust.

Sometimes other concrete companies hire concrete contractors to complete their work. WDC Concrete completes every job we’re hired for from beginning to end. Don’t waste your time with concrete contractors near you. Call WDC Concrete for the best service and concrete installations.

Top Concrete Services

As the leading concrete company in Hambden, OH, we offer many concrete services. Customers can call us for help with decorative concrete, new installations, repairs, resurfacing, and more. Below are the top concrete services our concrete company in Hambden, OH, offers:

Insulated Concrete Foundations

When building a new residential home or commercial building, you will have to decide which type of foundation to install. WDC Concrete suggests choosing an ICF, or Insulated Concrete Foundation, for several reasons.

ICFs are durable and long-lasting foundations. You want something like this, so your home or building is supported for years to come. These foundations are also energy efficient and will reduce drafts in your home or building. ICFs are also energy efficient, fire resistant, and waterproof.

Garage & Driveway Concrete

Do you have concrete garage flooring? If so, you should ensure it is kept in good condition. WDC Concrete can help you with repairs, resurfacing, and even new installations. We can also help you with new driveway installation and extensions.

Basement Concrete

Like the other concrete that supports your home, it is imperative to ensure your basement concrete stays in good condition. If you notice that the concrete in your basement is in need of repair because it is cracked, broken, or crumbling, contact us right away. WDC Concrete can inspect your basement concrete; then we can make recommendations for which type of repair would be best for your home.

Walkways & Sidewalks

Our company has been hired by countless customers for help with new installation services for walkways and sidewalks. We also offer a variety of repair services, so your existing walkways or sidewalks remain in good condition.

Epoxy, Overlays & Stamped Concrete

There are many things we can do to enhance, protect, and beautify your concrete. Epoxy coatings are very popular in this area because they can protect your concrete flooring from damage. Epoxy coatings also give your flooring a nice look.

Concrete overlays are beneficial if you need minimal repairs or are interested in changing the appearance of your concrete. We can place an overlay, or thin layer of concrete, over your existing concrete to fill in hairline cracks or change the appearance.

Stamped concrete can also be installed to improve the look of your space. Many people choose to add stamped concrete to their backyards, around their pools, or for their patios.

The leading Hambden concrete company is WDC Concrete. Give us a call for your free estimate today - (440) 293-6991.