Kingsville Concrete Company

WDC Concrete offers the best concrete services to the community of Kingsville, OH. We’ve been a family-owned and operated concrete company for over 35 years. Our team is dedicated to delivering durable concrete products with unrivaled customer service.

Since we never subcontract our jobs to concrete contractors near you, you’re sure to receive the best service and quality concrete. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Residential & Commercial Concrete Projects

Not all concrete companies in Kingsville, OH, will take on both residential and commercial projects. WDC Concrete offers to take on residential and commercial concrete projects of any shape and size. Because we never hire concrete contractors to complete our work, you’ll get our full attention for the duration of your project, from planning through completion.

Concrete For Driveways, Walkways & Sidewalks

We are the leading concrete company in Kingsville, OH, for all concrete services, including installation, remodeling, repair, and even tear-out services. We help get customers the driveways, walkways, and sidewalks they need, so their property is functional and accessible.

Overlays & Epoxy

Are you interested in changing the appearance of your concrete, or do you need to protect your concrete from chemicals or heat? WDC Concrete provides these concrete solutions in Kingsville, OH, and the surrounding area.

Overlays are great for existing concrete that needs to be resurfaced or have minor repairs made. An overlay is a thin layer of concrete that’s spread over your existing concrete. It can change the color and texture of your sidewalks, patios, and more.

Epoxy coatings are great for protecting your concrete flooring. We can help with everything from indoor concrete coatings to outdoor or garage coatings. An epoxy coating will not only make the concrete look nice, but it will protect it for many years.

Basement &Garage Concrete

If you’re in Kingsville or the Northeast Ohio area, you need to regularly check your basement concrete and garage concrete to ensure it’s in good condition. WDC Concrete can install new basement or garage concrete as well as repair your existing concrete.

Insulated Concrete Foundations

Anytime you build a new house or building, you have to choose which type of foundation will work best for your needs. We often suggest Insulated Concrete Foundations to our customers. ICFs are fire-resistant, waterproof, and energy efficient.

Decorative & Stamped Concrete

To change or enhance your outdoor space, consider adding decorative or stamped concrete instead of standard poured concrete. Decorative and stamped concrete comes in a wide range of colors and textures. It’s perfect for your patio, outdoor kitchen, porch, garden, and so much more.

Expert Service You Can Trust

While some concrete companies in Kingsville, OH, subcontract to local concrete contractors, WDC Concrete completes every job we take on. We never sacrifice quality or craftsmanship to complete a job cheaply or easily.

Don’t work with an inexperienced concrete contractor near you; hire WDC Concrete for expert service you can trust. We aim to be the best concrete company in Kingsville, OH, and the surrounding region.

WDC Concrete can be reached at (440) 293-6991. When you call, be sure to ask for your free estimate.