Thompson Concrete Company

Are you looking for a concrete company in Thompson, OH? Contact WDC Concrete today for all of your residential and commercial concrete needs. We have helped customers with a wide range of concrete projects for over 35 years. Our team is committed to delivering the best customer service and craftsmanship available.

WDC Concrete is a well-established, reputable concrete company. Our services include decorative concrete installation, new residential or commercial concrete, concrete repairs, and more.

Our family-run business is locally owned and operated. We never subcontract our work to concrete contractors in Thompson, OH. Every job we’re hired for is completed by our team from beginning to end.

WDC Concrete is licensed, bonded, and insured. Here are the top concrete services offered by our concrete company in Thompson, OH:

Insulated Concrete Foundations

ICFs, or Insulated Concrete Foundations, are concrete foundations that are specially installed to help your home stay energy efficient. To install an ICF, our team will install insulated forms and pour concrete between the forms. These foundations are waterproof and fire-resistant, which makes them a great choice for your new home.

Garage & Basement Concrete

Unlike some concrete contractors in Thompson, WDC Concrete can help with your new concrete installation or repair services for garage and basement concrete. Keeping your garage and basement concrete in good repair will help keep your home stable and safe.

Concrete For Driveways, Walkways & Sidewalks

Our team can also help you install concrete for a new driveway, extension, or resurfacing. In addition to driveways, our concrete company in Thompson can also help you with all of your walkway and sidewalk needs. We will help you with personalized planning and design through installation.

Epoxy & Overlays

If you’re interested in extending the life of your concrete, we suggest installing an epoxy coating over your concrete. You can also make minor repairs, color adjustments, and resurface your concrete by having a concrete overlay installed.

An epoxy coating is a thin layer of epoxy that’s applied directly to your concrete. The coating can protect your concrete and keep it safe from chemicals and heat. An epoxy coating is perfect for garage flooring, basement flooring, and more.

A concrete overlay can add color to your concrete, resurface concrete needing repair, and even fill in minor cracks or chips. When you choose a concrete overlay, you can make minor repairs without having to tear out and reinstall large areas of concrete.

Stamped Concrete

Another way to enhance the look of your concrete is to have stamped concrete installed. WDC Concrete can help upgrade the look of your porch, patio, and outdoor space with stamped concrete in various patterns and colors.

Concrete Repairs and Tear-Out Services

WDC Concrete can help you with minor and major concrete repairs. We offer tear-out services for projects that are small or large in size. When you contact our team for a concrete repair, you can rest assured that our team will handle your repair personally. We never hire concrete contractors to complete our work.

Don’t settle for a subpar concrete contractor in Thompson, OH; give WDC Concrete a call at (440) 293-6991 for personalized service you can trust.