Pierpont Concrete Company

WDC Concrete is a family-run, owned, and operated concrete company. Our team has proudly served Pierpont, OH, and the surrounding region for over 35 years. We are committed to providing the best customer service throughout all of our concrete repairs and installations.

Our staff members are family members who are highly trained and knowledgeable. WDC Concrete is licensed, bonded, and insured. For help with your next concrete project in Northeast Ohio, look no further than the experts at WDC Concrete.

Dedicated Concrete Services

Some concrete contractors in Pierpont, OH, choose to limit their services or outsource their work to concrete contractors near you. WDC Concrete has the experience and training necessary to complete many different types of concrete jobs. Here are our most popular concrete services:

Driveways, Walkways & Sidewalks

For years, WDC Concrete has provided new installation services for driveways, walkways, and sidewalks. We can widen or lengthen your driveway and offer repair services for cracked, buckled, or damaged concrete surfaces.

Epoxy Coatings & Concrete Overlays

The team at WDC Concrete highly suggests protecting your concrete surfaces and making repairs when you first see minor damage. There are two ways we can help; we can apply an epoxy coating to your concrete, or we can lay a concrete overlay down your concrete.

An epoxy coating protects your concrete from harsh chemicals, heat, and excessive wear and tear. Concrete overlays are thin layers of concrete that can resurface your concrete and fill in fine lines or cracks.

Garage Concrete

Keeping your garage flooring in good condition is important. If you notice signs of concrete damage in your garage, give WDC Concrete a call for help with repairs. We can also install new garage concrete, too.

Basement Concrete

Like with your garage, you need to check your basement concrete for damage regularly. Damaged basement concrete can lead to water damage, structural damage, and more. Our team can inspect your concrete and make recommendations for necessary repairs.

Insulated Concrete Foundations

When building a new home in Pierpont or Northeast Ohio, you have to consider which type of foundation will work best for your home. We often suggest ICF or Insulated Concrete Foundations because they are energy efficient.

Stamped Concrete

If you’re looking to upgrade your concrete or outdoor space, consider stamped concrete. Stamped concrete is great for around your pool area, in an outdoor kitchen, and even for walkways around your property.

Concrete Tear-Out and Repairs

In addition to concrete repair and installation services, WDC Concrete can also help you with concrete tear-out services. Our team will safely break up large pieces of concrete and remove it from your property.

Service You Can Trust

When you call WDC Concrete for help with your projects, you’ll get a service you can trust. We never subcontract to outside concrete contractors, unlike other concrete companies. We offer both residential and commercial concrete services, and we use industry-leading techniques.

Stop searching for a concrete contractor near you, and call WDC Concrete. We are the leading concrete company in Pierpont, OH.

Our Pierpont concrete company offers free estimates for your concrete project. Call WDC Concrete at (440) 293-6991.